Bilateral Meetings

  • Friday 09th June 12:00 - 14:30

NEW WORLD LAW ASSOCIATES LIMITED: Being one of the well-established law firms in the United Kingdom, our clients' satisfaction of our Quality Service is the cornerstone of our firm. 

We strive to make our utmost efforts to ensure high standard of professional service delivered to all clients locally and internationally regardless of their race, culture and background.  As a firm with an international perspective, the Asian market, particularly People‚Äôs Republic of China (including mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau), Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Japan, is undoubtedly our target market.  Nevertheless, we place equal emphasis on providing professional and timely legal service to ethnic UK Citizens locally as an English legal firm.

As a prestigious law practice, our clients have established full confidence in our professionalism.

Our clients' interests are indisputably a paramount concern to us and we spare no efforts to ensure that our clients' matters are handled in a competent, efficient and professional manner. 

In our firm, we are fully aware that human resource is our most precious asset and we take every possible effort to ensure that everyone working in our firm is properly trained and equipped with constant regular updates on the latest legal developments. 

We have always been committed to the ideals of equal opportunities, racial equality and the protection of human rights.  This is a philosophy practiced within the firm itself.

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