Anna Valli


Bilateral Meetings

  • Friday 09th June 12:00 - 14:30

CityRadar offers real time data in a platform for business development, a decision-making tool that disintermediates the traditional market. Business and Tourism players will get a great understanding of what the customer likes and does, so a great number of business development and marketing possibilities is displayed.

For the consumer, we offer a high experiential mobile app to make the most of their journey. CityRadar will make the most of traveling at an experiential level: get to know new destinations, plan in advance the kind of events tourists would like to do, so they can receive customized deals and perks, engage with the gamified experience (treasure hunt) encouraging data sharing, while getting to know hidden places and info on the destination, and have an all in one tool when traveling. Being relevant to the consumer with high profiled and dedicated added value upgrades and a great number of interactions and valuable information to have a genuine travel experience.

Through our Business web platform we offer an innovative, dynamic approach for any organisation whose sustainability depends on connecting with visitors, shoppers and audiences in a specific territory. This more targeted, data driven approach generates a much more holistic insight of consumer behaviour, which can benefit tourist businesses and destinations, with a positive economic and environmental impact. It can also provide real time comparative analysis of destinations or specific areas’ and their performance.

CityRadar won an SBRI competition with Tourism Northern Ireland in October 2016 and was finalist in the NESTA Open Data Institute Cultural and Heritage prize.

Our ideal partner in China would be:
- a Tourism board or a Tourism or Travel organization
- any Hospitality Organization
- a Hotel or Restaurant company
- a Local business association or Chamber of Commerce (or a private version of that, but it should group many businesses of the area)

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